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Established in 1994, Zugo Photonics is the premier regional distributor in Asia, specializing in Lasers & Photonics, Advance Imaging as well as Integrated Solutions for Research and Manufacturing. Products include industrial and scientific Lasers,  Fibers & Optical components, Optical networking solutions, Infrared & High speed cameras, High sensitivity CCD cameras and Advance Microscopes, as well as complete systems for Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display manufacturers.


We distribute major brands that are reputable global market leaders in their respective fields. These names include Andor, Capacitec, Cidra, Gentec, Gamma Scientific, Infratec, LaVision, Litron, Newport, Ocean Optics, Prior Scientific, Rsoft, Vision Research and Zaber.

Zugo Photonics products includes Spectrometers for spectroscopy, Femtosecond and ultrafast laser for material processing and two photon polymerization, high speed and Infrared cameras. Integrated solutions includes PL Mapping System, Spectra Analyser, Spectral Imaging System, Microscope Vivo Imaging System, FemtoScribe uMachining Station serving the Pharmaeutical, Semicon, Research Institutes 

Spectrometers can be used for RAMAN, Fluorescence, transmission, absorption, reflection, reflective index.

ANNOUNCEMENT  We welcome Daeil Systems and Sigma Koki to our stable of products. Higher Performance at Lower Cost.